Air Berlin to launch flight to Romania in 2011, Rewe and FTI include Romania in their tourist packages

Romania launched its tourism brand in Munich last week and has signed the agreement with Air Berlin, which will run flights from Nuremberg to Constanta next year, according to Romania’s Tourism Ministry. The ministry has also started negotiations with tour operator TUI Nordic to return to Romania in 2012.

German tour operator Rewe said it will include the Danube Delta in its offer for German tourists, while Frosch Touristik International (FTI) will include the country among its tourists destinations.  Germany is one of Romania’s priority market in terms of tourists sources, with more than 300,000 German tourists to the country in the first nine months of this year, according to the ministry.

Romania launched its new tourism brand in the summer of 2010, after analyzing  on the main tourist source markets. Romania’s new tourism slogan is ‘Explore the Carpathian Garden’.

Source: Romania Business Insider

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