Cluster Projects

Carpathian TOURISM CLUSTER ROMANIA develops and manages supra-regional tourism projects of public interest for the tourist regions in the Carpathian Mountains. Projects are developped in partnership with district governments, municipalities, tourism associations, regional development agencies and/or leading tourism companies and providers.

Our projects must fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • Improve or build a positive image of Romania/ Carpathian Mountains as tourism destination
  • Improve the quality and standards of touristic services in the Carpathian Mountains
  • Promote traditional and local products and integrate them into the regional supply chain
  • Promote regional traditions and integrate them into tourism offers
  • Preserve the cultural heritage and historical monuments as touristic attractions
  • Contribute to a sustainable regional development

In summary: Projects must generate sustainable added value for the tourism industry in the area of the Carpathian Mountains

 Here you can find some examples of tourism projects of Carpathian TOURISM CLUSTER ROMANIA:

Please contact us if you are interested to develop tourism projects with us.

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